Social media uproar after woman twerks next to a pool full of kids - SEE the video


There were strong reactions after a video on Instagram showed a woman in a bikini twerking right next to a pool where there were small children.

In the video, the woman, who is wearing a red bikini, is seen striking provocative poses, possibly in front of a camera to post the footage on social media. With her is another woman, also in a tiny bikini, posing on a cellphone.

"Save our children," the user who recorded the incident captioned the Instagram post without giving further details on where and when it happened.

"We live in very strange times," wrote one user commenting on the video. "Those who do such things in public and in front of children should be arrested for public indecency", commented a second. "Such things are ridiculous and disgusting," said a third.

However, there was no shortage of comments defending the woman who did the twerking with some noting that the children were never bothered with her. Some others argued that the only thing that should change might be the location.

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