GNTM 5: Twitter explodes after Vicky Kaya asked non-binary model why she "doesn't feel 100% female"

Vicky Kaya GNTM5

Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM) on Tuesday night saw Vicky Kaya embroiled in controversy with one of the competing models.

The reason is mainly the criticism she exerts on the contestants and the sharp - according to Twitter users - way in which he speaks to the aspiring models.

Last night the models had tough assignments. Among them was that they had to walk the catwalk in high heels. And if for most models this seems easy.

For contestant Koty Goumousi though, this was not the case.

Koty Goumousi

Although the judges severely criticised her, the competing model told them that she does not wear heels in her outside life. Then the judges tried to explain to her that in this industry she will need to wear heels quite often.

But Koty explained to them why she can't stand heels.

When she heard Vicky Kaya emphasise to her that heels are absolutely feminine shoes, Koty replied: "I don't feel 100% female. Let's start from there."

"Why?", exclaimed Vicky Kaya with the young model explaining: "I feel like I'm both a man and a woman."

Twitter users found Vicky Kaya's attitude unacceptable when she insisted on asking "why".

See the tweets criticising Vicky Kaya:

"Am I the only one who feels so uncomfortable with so much rudeness and meanness that Kaya brings out towards others?"

"Why don't you feel 100% female, Kaya asks. Tragic."

"What why baby kaya. There is no why in emotion. She doesn't feel like saying. THEY DON'T FIT WHY. It's like being asked why you like french fries"

"why baby kaya? what do you care what the other person feels?"

"Non-binary as my grandmother would say"

"Now go explain to Vicky the non binary specification"

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