Judge allows pedophile to vacation in Greece before sentencing


A convicted pedophile will be allowed to vacation in the Greek Islands after a judge praised him for being "honest" during his trial, BBC reported.

Matthew Thompson, of the U.K., is set to jet to Kos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, Thursday for a weeklong trip — despite admitting to 10 offences, including assault of a child by penetration, sexual assault of a child, sexual activity with a child and taking indecent photos of a child.

The threat of jail time will loom over the 48-year-old's head as he enjoys his holiday after U.K. Judge Jonathan Gibson agreed to not revoke Thompson's bail ahead of his Nov. 18 sentencing.

"You've pleaded guilty and you will of course get proper credit for your guilty pleas in due course when you're sentenced, the judge told Thompson.

You've been on bail and I'm not going to revoke your bail simply because you have entered honest pleas."

After her client submitted his guilty pleas in Bradford Crown Court Wednesday, Thompson's legal representative Gillian Batts said he wished to go on his pre-planned and already-paid-for vacation to Kos.

Reports said Thompson will fly out Thursday and is expected to return one week later Oct. 27. Batts said the serious nature of the case makes it appropriate for her client to "sign on" with police the day after he arrives back in Barnsley, a town in South Yorkshire, England. He will have no later than 2 p.m. to report to authorities on Oct. 28.

Batts told the court she advised Thompson he would also need to "sign on" as a sex offender with the police before leaving for his trip. During the 10-minute hearing, Gibson approved this measure as part of Thompson's bail conditions, adding " ... you are now subject to the sex offender registration provisions and you'll need to report to the police to do that before you go."

The Telegraph reported Thompson's crimes "involved multiple assaults on two girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons."