Turkish media triggered by the president visiting Samothrace on its independence day

Katerina Sakellaropoulou in Samothrace

The joint Greek-American exercise "Olympic Cooperation 2022", which is underway in Thrace, as well as the recent visit of the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou to Samothrace, disturbed Turkey, which does not hide its irritation through reports in the pro-government media.

The military exercise - with the participation of Greek and American forces in the area of ​​Xanthi - is characterised as a "provocation", implying that it aims to intimidate the Muslim minority of Thrace, which is provocatively characterised as "Turkish".

What a journalist of the pro-government network Haber Global supported is typical of Turkey's propaganda campaign.

"Greek fighters and helicopters made low flights over Turkish villages in Xanthi Greece, which has illegally armed the islands in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, and made a new provocation.

"The American and Greek armies are conducting the 'Olympic Cooperation 2022' exercise in the village of Petrochori. In this context, it was announced that the aircraft had also taken off.

"And from time to time the fighter jets, in this way, make low flights over Turkish villages in the area."

Sakellaropoulou is also under fire for her recent visit to Samothrace to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the liberation of the island from the Turks.

The President of the Republic was targeted because she took part in the celebrations on an island that the Turks wrongfully claim should be demilitarised.

"The President of the Republic of Greece is participating in the celebrations for the liberation from the Ottomans of Samothrace, which is located opposite the Dardanelle Straits. The flight that the fighter jets made over the Turkish villages coincided with this visit," the Haber Global reporter continued.

See photos from Katerina Sakellaropoulou's visit to Samothraki:

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