The freshest and best koulouri in Athens and Thessaloniki

Easy, cheap and filling, with that amazing smell of roasted sesame wafting through our noses, we can find it everywhere and at all hours - it is the famous koulouri.

Here are some places in Athens and in Thessaloniki recommended by Olive Magazine that have the best koulouri.

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To Koulouri tou Psyrri 

It all started from a small bakery more than 60 years ago. Today, this emblematic bakery supplies almost all street pastry shops in the centre of Athens, as well as many bakeries. Thin and crispy, fluffy braid, multi-seeded, and even some with raisins, are just some of the versions that are baked almost all day and flood the whole surrounding area with wonderful aromas.

Karaiskaki 23, Psirri, tel.: 210 3215962,

Mon Kulur

With absolute expertise, here they ferment and bake thousands of koulouria every day which sell out from 6 in the morning. The options are endless: classic sourdough, firm or fluffy, corn and multi-seed, with olive, cheese or raisins, chocolate and dozens of fillings.

3is Septemvriou 18, Athina, tel. .: 210 5235 305

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Made with pure ingredients and selected flour, the pastries of this bakery are delicious. You will always find them hot as, most mornings, they are already sold out before they are even baked.

49 Vasilissis Sofias, Marousi, Pl. Kastalias, tel.: 210 8020 407


In this traditional bakery they make authentic Thessaloniki buns. The classic version has many fanatical fans, however many also come for the tahini bun which is particularly nutritious and has a rich taste.

14 Andrea Papandreou, Chalandri, tel.: 210 6812 093


It may be known for the dozens of handmade types of bread that it prepares daily, but the Thessaloniki koulouri that you will find in this family bakery is truly top notch. It is no coincidence that it is kept fresh the next day.

56 Saki Karagiorga, Glyfada, tel.: 210 9630 914

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Rizos Elaia

The brothers Vassilis and Alexandros Rizos, children of a baker, grew up with a love for pure ingredients and the smell of handmade baked goods. That's why the koulouria they make, with a traditional recipe, are so fresh and delicious that they disappear in minutes.

12 Matrozou Street, Koukaki, tel: 210 9249 527

Exarchos Exarchos

Their sesame delights are made with an authentic recipe and selected ingredients. For this reason they are exactly as they should be: crispy on the outside, with plenty of sesame, and soft on the inside. Find them in the morning hours when they are still warm.

76 Evripidou, Kallithea, tel.: 210 9403 974


The Takis bun koulouri so crispy on the outside that it resembles breadcrumbs, but the inside is foamy and melts in the mouth. It's been made with the exact same recipe for 60 years, ever since this bakery made only koulouria 24 hours a day.

14 Misaraliotou, Koukaki, tel.: 210 9230 052 

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Fermented with sesame oil and olive oil, the fresh bun here is white or whole wheat, plain but also with various special fillings such as tuna and capers. They also make a twisted koulouri with two different doughs and a cocoa cream or vanilla cream filling.

St. 67 Meletiou, Athens, tel.: 210 8640 969


Koulourades are just like the ones we used to eat as street children that were made every day in their shops located almost all over the country. Their strong point is the huge variety as well as the various shapes and sizes: whole grain, multi-seeded, fasting, vegan, XXL, filled with chocolate, fruit, halva, etc.

114 Trion Hierarchon, Athens, tel.: 210 3465 650



Unbelievably delicious, Ouzounian has the most imaginative variations and combinations of ingredients that really elevate the taste. Try the one with honey and walnuts, the one with white chocolate and cranberries or the one fermented with milk chocolate, hazelnuts and almonds.

26 Leontos Sofou, tel.: 2310 538 854


Light and crispy, with a fluffy interior, Bakola's koulouria are among the best in Thessaloniki. For this very reason, their fanatics buy them two by two.

20 Chrysostomou Smyrnis, tel.: 2310 223 797

Red Oven

Super crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, this koulouri is just like the ones we used to eat as kids. Top off its nostalgic flavour with a little caseri.

Apostolou Pavlou 1, tel.: 2310 206 337

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In the bakery of Dimitris Siamitras, we find one of the best Thessaloniki pastries every day. Greek flour, sesame of excellent quality and masterful kneading. People line up every morning at his door while almost 1000 bagels are baked in his workshop every day.

25 Stratou Ave., tel.: 2310 830 987


This bakery may be known for the excellent handmade croissants it makes, but its bagels are no slouch either. Always fresh and delicious, with the right amount of salt and plenty of sesame, they stand out for their authentic taste.

Mark. Botsari 50, tel.: 2310 831 066

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