Turkish media reacts to German tanks in Thrace and US Ambassador Tsunis in Thassos

Turkish media

After Turkish media were triggered over the presence of the Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou in Samothrace and General Konstantinos Floros in Chios, there is a new complaint. This time it concerns the German armoured vehicles that will reinforce military forces in Thrace, as well as for the presence of the American ambassador George Tsunis in Thassos for the celebration of the liberation of the island from the Ottoman Empire 110 years ago.

Pro-government media and journalists present Greece's every move in Thrace and the Aegean - as if it is "targeting" Turkey or the Muslim minority, which they defiantly call "Turkish".

Typical are what journalists of the pro-government Haber Global network report, who - as if in an ordered service - entangle the German armoured vehicles with the American Ambassador Tsunis in new conspiracy scenarios against Turkey.

"Six of the armored vehicles donated by Germany have arrived in Greece. All will be installed in Western Thrace where a dense population of "Turks" lives," said the Haber Global journalist.

"The government of Athens has added one more provocation to the ones it is doing in the Aegean islands, and this time the United States of America is also involved.

The arms exchange agreement with Germany began to be implemented in Greece. German armored vehicles are sent to Western Thrace, while Greek tanks are sent to Ukraine German armored vehicles will be sent to military units in the city of Xanthi.

"Greece has started an arms campaign to end Turkish military superiority, it wants to make a big show with the military vehicles it received from Germany.

"On October 28, as part of the national holiday of Greece, the military parade will take place in Thessaloniki. German armored vehicles will also take part in the parade."

Then the American ambassador in Athens, George Tsunis, was targeted because he was in Thassos and took part in the events for the liberation of the island from the Ottoman Empire.

"Greece continues its provocative steps in the Aegean. Thassos is one of the islands that according to the Treaty of Lausanne has a demilitarised status," the Haber Global journalists said.

"On the island, which has been armed in violation of international treaties, a ceremony was held to mark the 110th anniversary of its withdrawal from the Ottoman Empire. Among the guests was the US ambassador in Athens of Greek origin, George Tsouni.

"Speaking during the ceremony, Greek DefenCe Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos targeted Turkey with the support of the ambassador's presence.

"He stated that 'The presence here of the American ambassador is a message that those who have even added Thassos to their claims should take into account."

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