Ukrainian FM: The Greeks understand better than anyone else what the struggle for freedom means

Ukrainian Kyiv Nikos Dendias, Dmytro Kuleba

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias traveled to Kyiv during the week and experienced "first-hand" the conditions under which Ukrainians live every day, with threats of bombardments from Russia being a constant.

In fact, during his presence in the Ukrainian capital, he was forced to go to a shelter as sirens warned about an imminent Russian aerial bombardment. As he said, the city was hit by 7 cruise missiles, of which four were shot down.

In fact, he also revealed a "promise" he secured from the Ukrainian government so he could remember this special, as he described it, experience.

The Greek foreign minister from Kyiv condemned the Russian attacks, the revisionist movements and the violation of International Law, during the joint statements with his Ukrainian counterpart.

At the same time, he also focused on the close bilateral diplomatic relations, while he spoke about "Russian war crimes" and referred to Turkish provocations, underlining: "The Greeks also have a great neighbour in our East. A neighbour who has issued a threat of war against us."

"We do not recognise the illegal annexation of the Ukrainian territories," clarified Dendias.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister, for his part, thanked the attitude of Greece.

From the shelter, where the Greek minister was safely transported, the joint press conference of Nikos Dendias and Dmytro Kuleba was given as sirens sounded while the former was in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

In the joint statements, Dendias made clear the necessity of observing International Law and at the same time focused on respecting the territorial sovereignty of each country.

"Freedom or death is an amazing slogan of the Greek Revolution and such a slogan existed in the Ukrainian revolution as well. The Greek people understand better than anyone else what the struggle for freedom means," Kuleba emphasised at the press conference.

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