US says China is 'out-competing' and calls it threat to global order

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Describing China as the only country, with an intent to reshape the international order, the National Security Strategy (NSS) document of the US has underlined Beijing as 'out-competing,' tagging the country as a significant threat to global order.

The document emphasised that US leadership plays a major role in overcoming global threats as China represents an extreme challenge to the world due to its quest for global domination, Asian Lite International reported.

China's revisionist and authoritarian powers are undermining international peace and stability as a result of which the NSS termed the communist nation as 'out-competing'.

Meanwhile, Russia poses an immediate threat to the free and open international system, as the country has flouted the fundamental laws of international order due to its aggression against Ukraine.

The Joe Biden administration's approach was also unveiled in the NSS, as the US is currently looking forward to strengthening partnerships in the Indo-Pacific to compete with China and address threats concerning the nation, such as climate change, pandemics, terrorism, and energy shortages.

The involvement of India as a major partner in the Indo-Pacific theatre of geopolitics was also a key point in the report, Asian Lite International reported.

The document stated that several countries seek to live in a world that respects the foundational principles of territorial integrity, and political independence; where countries are free to choose their foreign policy.

The NSS report quoting US National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan said that Washington will hold Beijing accountable for crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, and human rights violations in Tibet.

In order to dominate global superpower, China's aggression has not caused an alarm bell for not just the US alone, but in other parts of the world including India as well and ambitions to create an enhanced sphere of influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

The relations between China and US deteriorated after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. That trip angered China's ruling Communist Party - which views Taiwan as part of its territory, despite never having governed it and it responded by launching unprecedented military drills around the island, sending warplanes across the Taiwan Strait and firing missiles over the main island.

With Chinese nuclear forces expected to quadruple by 2030, there seems little chance of disarmament before 2049, at least, The Singapore Post reported.

The sudden shift in China's nuclear motivations, without any official mention of a doctrinal change, leaves room for the country to consolidate its nuclear force in the midst of considerable ambiguity regarding China's ambitions. (ANI)