"Fully psychotic” Melbourne man sentenced to 5 years over brutal bashing of Greek grandmother


A 'fully psychotic' Melbourne man was sentenced to five years prison over the brutal bashing of Greek grandmother Penelope Katsavos, 79, reported news.com.au

According to the news report, Amrick Roy, 27, pleaded guilty in the County Court of Victoria on October 14 to the violent assault of Penelope Katsavos, 79, and three earlier assaults during a period in which his defence submitted he was “fully psychotic”, partially as a consequence of his use of synthetic cannabis.

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Mrs Katsavos was brutally bashed and left bloodied at the entrance of the SaintsConstantineand Helen GreekOrthodoxChurch inMelbourne, Australia on March 2021, at about 6am, outside the church where she had volunteered for 30 years.

Pictures of her sitting bloodied on the church steps sent shockwaves across the country and particularly in the Greek community. She lay alone on the ground on Barry Street for half an hour before a council worker found her.

In sentencing Roy in the County Court on Friday, Judge John Carmody said the man had left Ms Katsavos to a life of “sadness, loneliness and pain” and the victim was no longer able to do many of the things she loved, such as Greek cooking, and had been forced to place her own husband, who experiences dementia, in care.

In her victim impact statement previously read to the court, Ms Katsavos said she forgave Roy and hoped he could learn to be a good person.

“I forgive you for what you have done to me,” her victim impact statement, extracts of which were read out by Judge Carmody, said.

“My only hope is that somehow you will learn to be a better person.

“I will continue to walk through life with love and strength.”

Judge Carmody said Ms Katsavos had exhibited “grace and wisdom”.