Greece has turned down a request by Pakistan for its F-16 fighter aircraft

F-16C block 52

Pakistanrecently asked Greece whether it was ready to sell an unspecified number of F16 fighters, but the reply has been a firm “No” keeping in mind the needs of the Hellenic Air Force and also, Athens’ friendship with New Delhi.

Greece has a slightly uneasy relationship with Turkey, also a NATO member and there is also uncertainty about the war in Ukraine.

The Pakistan Air Force’s best fighter aircraft is the F16, but most of the 80-odd are the older AM-Block 15 and the BM-Block 17 versions. Greece, on the other hand, has the newer F16C and the F16D versions. They are also Block 52. And now, 83 of the 150odd F16s are being upgraded to the latest Block 72 variant.

Pakistan’s requirements come as the United States has provided $US450 million in spares and also, other implements, but provided no new fighters. The US has proved spares and other equipment and with the spares at hand, Pakistan had hoped to get new weapons.