Hellenic Foundation for Culture: Agreement between Greek-speaking Southern Italy and Greece is signed

Hellenic Foundation for Culture

On October 18 at the facilities of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, specifically in the renovated Bodosaki house, in the presence of the President and the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and the Mayors and representatives of the Region of Apulia and the Union of Municipalities of Salentina Grecia, an agreement was signed for the initiation and development of a stable cooperation.

The start is the establishment of a Representative Office of the Hellenic Cultural Foundation in Salentina to ensure the development of cultural relations between the Greek-speaking region of Salentina and in general Apulia and Southern Italy with Greece.

More specifically, the agreement is to be carried out as follows:

• Cooperation with schools and universities with reference to the teaching of Greek and the modern Greek language, as well as cooperation in the field of science and research.
• Support of artistic and cultural production and development of collaborations in the area of ​​museums, libraries and publications.
• Cooperation in the educational environment.


The parties will contribute to:

• to promote the teaching and study of the Greek dialect and the modern Greek language as compulsory subjects in the school curriculum with special reference to the Salentina region of Greece.
• to develop initiatives for student mobility, for cultural and educational exchanges between Greece and Puglia, as well as the development of joint initiatives for this purpose.
• to encourage the exchange of experiences between teachers and schools in order to develop contents aimed at the knowledge of the common elements of the language, culture and history of Greece and Apulia in the context of the Mediterranean.

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