MICHAEL RUBIN: Hate crimes surge shows Canada ‘ignorant’ in countering terror financing

Canada Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudaeu michael rubin

Canada’s lack of seriousness in countering terror financing has surfaced as hate crimes in Canada by anti-national elements continue to witness a surge as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to accommodate the most extreme elements of the Sikh community and for political reasons, ignores terror financing, writes Michael Rubin for a US-based publication.

Highlighting the fact that the Trudeau government is turning a blind eye to violence against ethnic communities in Canada, the publication stated that the prime minister is making such terrorist entities a liability.

“If Trudeau continues to accommodate the most extreme elements of the Sikh community and, for political reasons, ignores their terror financing, he will not only do Canada a disservice, but he will make it a liability. He should use Canada’s moral authority to call out the ISI and its cynical efforts to do in Punjab what it tried and failed to do in Kashmir,” the publication 1945 reported quoting Dr Rubin as saying.

“Given Canada’s lack of seriousness in countering Khalistani extremist terror finance, however, it is time for the Financial Action Task Force to grey-list America’s neighbour to the north,” the statement added.

Rubin, while writing for the publication said that European police sought to crack down on extortion from militant groups threatening violence against ethnic communities unless businessmen gave the militants “donations,” as he recalled Trudeau government’s actions turning a blind eye to the situation.

Moreover, the situation in Canada has grown more malevolent, making the country a weak link while dealing with terrorism. Khalistani militants regularly extort money from the Sikh business community under threat of violence, 1945 reported.

Recently, India also asked Canada to stop the so-called “Khalistan Referendums” by the anti-India elements on November 6 in Ontario. The Centre has asked the Canadian government to act against those who promote terror and violence against the largest democracy in the world.

Earlier, on September 15, unknown miscreants vandalised and painted anti-India slogans on the walls of the Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan (BAPS) temple in Canada.

The Indian High Commission in Ottawa had then expressed concern over the incident and asked the Canadian authorities to investigate the matter.

Incidentally, India had on September 23 issued an advisory for Indian nationals and students in Canada to remain vigilant amid increasing incidents of crimes, sectarian violence and anti-India activities in the country. (ANI)