Yemeni rebel drones target Greek ship in government-run port gif maker 9

Rebels in Yemen who are supported by Iran claim to have attacked a cargo ship off the coast of an oil terminal on Friday in order to stop pro-government forces from using it to export oil from the war-torn southern Arab nation.

The ship, which is registered in the Marshall Islands and is owned by a Greek firm, was unharmed during the drone strike, according to the company.

The attack on Nisos Kia, which was apparently targeted, is the first officially acknowledged military action since the country's warring groups' peace broke earlier this month. It also makes reference once more to the potential risk to merchant ships visiting or transiting Yemen.

The attack took place in Shihr, Yemen, near the city of Mukalla, about 585 km east of the capital Sanaa, which has been held by rebels in territory controlled by pro-government forces for years.

Athens-based Okeanis Eco Tankers Corp., owner of Nissos Kea, said there were “two drone-driven explosions in close proximity” as it attempted to load in port. The Ash Shihr port has a crude oil pipeline with a capacity of 300,000 barrels per day.

The two explosions did not affect the ship. The company said all crew members are safe and unharmed. “There was no damage to the ship and no pollution.”