Atet Melbourne Is The City’s Very First Mykonos Inspired Nightclub

Starting at 1pm on Saturday, October 22nd, the fun of ATET

Atet, a floating open-air nightclub inspired by the beach clubs of Mykonos and Ibiza, is set to open in Melbourne, fashioned as the city’s first ever dancefloor of its kind. Considering Sydney has popular seasonal floating clubs like The Island and Glass Island, this should be a major win for Melbourne’s party scene during the coming holidays and officially opened last weekend

Founder Jake Hughes said he had spent more than $1 million on the nightclub, which was backed by his family and crowdfunding memberships.⁠ ⁠⁠

Reportedly, the project was inspired by a patchwork of Europe’s most noted party hotspots like Mykonos, Ibiza, Amsterdam, and Berlin as well as the open-air dancefloors that regularly host the continent’s biggest music festivals.

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DJ and architect Jake Hughes, the man behind Atet, was quoted in Time Out referring to the solar barge of the sun god Ra when asked about the nightclub’s peculiar name. And while from photos it doesn’t look like ancient Egypt is much of a theme to Atet, Hughes has stated that the name mirrors the sense of freedom one gets from these outdoor, open-air parties that can’t be replicated indoors.

Historic docklands ship Alma Doepel has been gutted to make way for Atet.

The 570-square-meter nightclub is built on the barge of the former vessel with a wide open deck and a mezzanine above it, complemented by two bars and a commercial kitchen.

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