Morna: The Greek village that has filled YouTube with scary stories


With Halloween approaching, considered the world's scariest holiday, more and more stories about haunted places are appearing, with one of those being the village of Morna in the Pierian Mountains in Macedonia.

This particular village, which no longer has any permanent inhabitants, is considered by many to be haunted, with many secrets and legends surrounding its name passing from mouth to mouth.

Morna once had life as the State Wood Processing Plant was located there. However, when the timber factory closed in 1967, desolation came.

Jobs dwindled and the young people of the village preferred to move a little further up, building another village, Fotina. The new village was much happier and sunnier there.

Morna Youtube

However, their houses left behind were deserted and created quite a scary scene, especially at night. This setting today is a favourite subject of Greek Youtubers, who visit it to shoot their videos.

With a simple search on YouTube, there are tons of videos with the adventures in one of the scariest parts of Greece.

Would you dare to go?

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