Cycladic: Greece's first inter-island airline!

Cycladic airlines

The Regional Governor of the South Aegean, Georgios Chatzimarkos, inaugurated the flights of Cycladic, the first Greek inter-island airline that connects the islands of the Aegean

Combining expertise with a love for the Greek islands and travel, the vision of the founding team of Cycladic has the primary goal of increasing the connections of the Greek islands easily and directly throughout the year for the convenience of permanent residents.

At the same time, the newly established air connection creates a unique tourist product that redefines the concept of island-hopping in Greece.

Cycladic with its frequent, fast and comfortable flights comes to provide a solution to the needs of the residents of the Aegean for easy travel between the islands twelve months a year.

At the same time, it introduces passengers to a new travel experience in the Aegean, offering the possibility of charter flights for greater autonomy.

Cycladic's original point to point network directly connects Santorini , Paros, Mykonos, Syros, Crete (Chania and Heraklion) and Rhodes with flights lasting from 20' to 1 hour and 20' ( depending on the destination), while from the summer Milos will be added to the destinations.

The flights will also take place in the winter months.

Its fleet consists of three new single engine high wing turboprop Cessna Grand Caravan 208BEX that provide an unforgettable flying experience. These new aircraft fly at lower altitudes than usual and have large windows that, along with abundant natural light, give the passengers unique images of the Aegean.

With respect for nature and sustainability as a priority, Cycladic's aircraft are state-of-the-art, with high environmental standards and are maintained according to the most important international standards, ensuring a lower carbon footprint for not burdening the planet.

The Governor of the South Aegean Region, Georgos Hatzimarkos, noted: "Cycladic strengthens the interconnection of the Aegean islands in a direct and effective way, facilitating the movement of the residents of our Region and offering solutions to their important needs.

"I am especially glad that both myself and my colleagues had this unique experience and I can assure its usefulness and importance for all of us who live on the islands.

"I am sure that it will help to develop a new island-hopping model for Greek tourism, while at the same time it will contribute to the solution of many operational issues of the movements between the islands".

Andreas Sotiropoulos of Cycladic, said: "We are very happy to introduce Cycladic, which comes to fill the gap in the movements of the residents of the Aegean between the islands, but also to be the ideal fellow traveler of the modern passenger who is looking for a balanced combination experience, flexibility and convenience.

"Our goal is not just the easiest access for the seasonal traveler but the essential facilitation of the Greek islander. We support the destination and enhance the daily life of the residents, aiming for sustainable tourism development".

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