Eleni Psychouli: Adult Sex is ....overrated

Eleni Psychouli sex

Eleni Psychouli gave an interview and, among other things, mentioned how adult sex was overrated.

The popular chef appeared on the show "I saw you at noon in the morning" and emphasised that "sex is no longer for adults, but for young people".

“For young people, sex is not overrated, but for adults it is," she said initially, causing Fotis Sergoulopoulos to be surprised.

Psychouli then talked about the lockdown and how she was at the house of Maria Kavoiannis in Milies.

"During the first lockdown, we were locked in a house in Milies, belonging to Maria Kavogianni. We were all those who live in Milies and every day was an endless party. We cooked, danced, watched movies. They also gave us a small allowance of 500 euros at the time, so we spent it only to eat and you say 'how nice, they are giving me a vacation'. The following year we started to realise what this is," she emphasised.

Last month the popular chef spoke about raising her son and her thoughts on relationships.

“I made sure to raise him right with all the mistakes I made, millions of mistakes. But there was a line. Respect your child and every person you love. When you respect, you don't interfere. You don't dream about the other, you don't make plans. You leave them alone and listen. Not always what they tells you, but their soul," she saidy.

Regarding personal relationships, Psychouli stated that she is not the right person to talk about such a thing.

"I'm the most inappropriate person to say about relationships, but I think respect is the alpha and the omega," she said. "I don't think relationships are my forte.

"Also, I have to say, as I get older I don't know anything. I have no idea about relationships, and I don't know any recipe for success," he added.

As she said in closing, based on her experience, she has come to the conclusion that relationships are not necessary in a person's life.

"There can be different loves. Let's say, I realised very early on that I've been madly in love with myself my whole life. As bad as that sounds. Because I love me so much and find me so perfect for me and so inappropriate and difficult for anyone else, I can understand them," she said.

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