Greece moved up eight places in the international ranking for fast internet

Greece internet speed

Internet speeds are increasing in Greece, but is still far from the fastest countries worlwide. Greece, as reported by Sepe, moved up eight places in the international rankingof internet connections via mobile networks and gained seven places in the list of countries with the fastest fixed broadband connections.

According to the data from Ookla, for September 2022, mobile internet speeds in Greece rank 32nd among 139 countries around the world. As far as fixed internet speeds are concerned, where Greece has historically been lagging behind, the country now ranks 94th among 181 countries around the world.

Ookla, which is the world's largest company in the measurement of broadband connections, reported that the average speed of broadband connections through mobile networks in Greece in September was 57.39 Mbps for data download and 13.25 Mbps in upload.

Greece's best performance was in May, when it ranked 22nd worldwide (with 61.78 Mbps download and 13.73 Mbps upload).

The top countries for internet speed are Norway, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, China and the Netherlands, which with average speeds of more than 105 Mbps (data download), are at the top of the relevant list.

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Ookla's data shows that Greece has improved its fixed broadband speeds as well. According to the company's measurements, the average speed for September was 39.16 Mbps for download and 6.19 Mbps for upload, which are the best performances the country has ever had.

Chile tops the list of fastest fixed broadband networks with an average download speed of 217.43 Mbps, followed by Singapore at 215.83 Mbps and China at 196 Mbps. Cuba, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan finish last in the same ranking.

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