ATHENS: Army Major showed nude photos to a 15-year-old

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Shocking details are emerging in the case of the Army Major who was arrested last Friday after a 15-year-old complained of sexual assault.

According to Proto Thema, the incident took place in the Cholargos neighbourhood of Athens, specifically near 17th November Street.

The incident, for which the head of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (GEETHA) has requested an immediate investigation with the question of the immediate dismissal of the officer, occurred while the 15-year-old, as he told the police, was sitting on a bench.

The 15-year-old reportedly told the police that the unknown major showed him half-naked photos of himself and tried to restrain him. What the Army officer did not know was that the 15-year-old is a boxer in a sports club was going to for training.

So when the Major made his move on the 15-year-old, the young boy allegedly punched him away.

Based on the boy's descriptions, police identified and arrested the officer for sexual assault. When the Major was taken to the police station he was identified by the victim.

The police officers then handed over the Major to GEETHA and taken to the Military Court, which temporarily released him. Military Justice is now deciding on the further judicial course of the case.

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