Cyprus: The Turks attempted to arrest a farmer in the dead zone

Turkey Turkish occupied Northern Cyprus

The community leader of Denia village, Christos Panagiotou, told the Cyprus News Agency, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been informed about an incident between a Greek-Cypriot farmer and Turkey's occupation troops in northern Cyprus.

Panagiotou reported that at 6:00 in the morning, a farmer went to the area to cultivate his fields, with members of the UN peacekeeping force also there.

"The United Nations approached the farmer and urged him to leave the area because it is dangerous and the Turks would arrest him," said the community leader, noting that when he went to the site, the farmer had almost finished his work.

"When the farmer told the UN soldiers that he had been cultivating the field for 15 years, they asked him why he didn't go to the outpost that the Turks had set up to protest," he said.

Panagiotou added that the UN said they had received those instructions and information that "soon the Turks will come to arrest the farmer."

In fact, reported the community leader, "in half an hour Turkish soldiers came down with trucks, but the farmer was nearing the end and it was difficult to arrest him because he was locked inside his tractor. The farmer finished his work and left."

In addition, Panagiotou said that the same farmer went there again in the afternoon together with other farmers because their fields are there.

"We don't know how they will react", he noted, which is why he is in communication with the farmers "because we don't know what will happen". According to the Head of the Community, "on Tuesday afternoon the Turks brought new soldiers".

Panagiotou stated that "as soon as the farmers went to the area to cultivate their fields, the Turks also came down with a military vehicle and some Turkish soldiers went inside the dead zone and hid behind some bushes."

The Turks, he continued, are in their posts and in the bushes, 50 metres away.

"There is also a crew of a Greek Cypriot television station that records the images for documentation purposes," he noted.

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