Former King Constantine: The rare outing in the centre of Athens with his family - See photos

former king constantine Constantine II of Greece

Former King Constantine, with members of his family, made a rare outing last week in the centre of Athens.

The former king and his wife Anna Maria, as well as his sisters, the former Queen of Spain Sofia, and Irene, enjoyed their lunchtime walk in the heart of the capital on Wednesday 19 October, Proto Thema reported.

The photos are from the moment the royal family was leaving a shop after they had just finished lunch and were returning to their home.

The former king, in a wheelchair and with nasal catheters, necessary for oxygen therapy, spoke calmly and steadily to his relatives.

All of them, in a quiet corner of a cafe-restaurant, dressed simply and smartly, without attracting the eyes of those who happened to be in the centre of the capital at that time. They had lunch and left.

Of course, while crossing the Academy, a couple of tourists recognised Sofia and, excited, ran towards her in order to greet her and her relatives. Similarly, a Greek also recognised the former king.

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