Thessaloniki: Pakistanis forcibly held 7 Syrians and Afghans for two weeks

handcuffs arrested Pakistanis athens georgian

Officers of the Police Directorate for Combating Organised Crime and Human Trafficking in Thessaloniki, with the assistance of staff from other police departments identified and freed seven people from Syria and Afghanistan who were being held against their will in a house in the Dendropotamos area.

Three Pakistani men and an 18-year-old Roma woman were arrested for the case, while their three foreign accomplices are being sought, against whom a relevant case file was made, according to Proto Thema.

Five of those involved, after facilitating the entry of foreigners into Greek territory for a monetary fee, took them to a house in Dendropotamos, where for at least the last two weeks, with threats and the use of physical violence, they demanded extortion either from the victims or from their relatives.

From further investigation, it also emerged that two of the arrested were hosting two additional people who lacked documents justifying their legal stay in Greece.

In the context of three door-to-door searches carried out in the presence of a representative of the Judicial Authority and physical checks, the following were found and confiscated:

• Padlock with which the perpetrators locked the house where the foreigners were
• 4,500 euros
• A number of mobile telephone devices and
• Bank debit cards.

Those arrested will be brought to the Criminal Prosecutor of Thessaloniki.

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