The best galaktoboureko in Athens and Thessaloniki!

Galaktoboureko Galifianakis

Every self-respecting sweet tooth loves galaktoboureko. It is the sweet we give on family visits and the one we choose, together with a well-prepared coffee, when we sit in a traditional pastry shop. Whatever the reason for enjoying it, one thing is certain: no one can say no to a warm piece of galaktoboureko.

For this very reason, Olive Magazine singled out the best versions to be found in Athens and Thessaloniki.


Thin crisp leaves and velvety cream that smacks of butter, drenched in perfectly set syrup. This galaktoboureko, made since 1961 with a traditional recipe and the finest ingredients, has been known to many generations of Athenians.

In addition to the classic, it is also worth trying the version with kadaifi leaf, it is really excellent.

104 Ionias Ave., Ag. Nikolaos, tel.: 210 8649

petek 4


In this retro patisserie in the centre, the finest raw materials have the first say. Fresh milk butter, premium vanilla, masterfully crafted phyllo layers. Lines often form outside his door and his pans sell out while they're still hot.

September 3, 81, Pl. Victoria, tel.: 210 8223 955

dimitriou 22


Chef Nena Ismirnoglou signs the recipe for success here. Soft semolina cream with butter and milk leading the flavour and the subtle aromas of cinnamon and citrus complementing the whole dessert, wrapped in percussive phyllo masterfully syruped.

Mesogeion 188, Cholargos, tel. 211 4063 164,

stani 2 1

A classic value of the historic centre, Stani's galaktoboureko is made from the same excellent ingredients with which all its products are made and of course with the traditional recipe of the Karageorgos family since 1931.

Take a hot one home or enjoy a piece on the tables outside in the company of a typical Greek coffee.

10 Marikas Kotopoulis, Omonia, tel.: 210 5233 637


With an authentic Asia Minor recipe, they make dozens of sweets of various sizes every day. The cream is made from fresh cow's milk and semolina, the phyllo are spread with first quality cow's butter and the syrup is strongly cinnamon. However, once you are there, try the baklavas, they are amazing.

165 Papandreou Georgiou, Metamorfosi, tel.: 210 2819 479


In the emblematic sweet shop of Piraeus, the galaktoboureko is made exactly as it deserves and sells out before it is even baked. The dairy products used come from the privately owned herds of the Mastronikola family, while the recipe has been reverently followed for 113 years.

Karaoli & Dimitriou 68, Kastella, tel. 210 4123 783

asimakopoulos 1

Asimakopoulos Brothers

The secrets of this galaktoboureko are the butter made in the pastry shop's workshop from the milk of small Greek producers and the traditional recipe that has been followed to the letter since 1915 until today.

Charilaou Trikoupi 82, Athens, tel.: 210 3610 092


This patisserie may be known for many different sweets, but the galaktoboureko has a special place among its best sellers. Golden foil, filled with thick buttercream and plenty of syrup. Its rich taste has fanatical fans who seek it out almost daily.

32 Irini Ave., Pefki, tel.: 210 8051 260

pavlidis 2


Here, the galaktoboureka are baked almost all day and flood the neighbourhood with wonderful aromas. Fresh Greek milk, goat butter and fine semolina go into their rich cream, the phyllo are toasted and the syrup is light and fragrant.

59 Katehaki Street, Neo Psychiko, 210 6911912

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In Thessaloniki


A landmark of the city, this patisserie is a favourite of locals and visitors, precisely because it makes excellent galaktoboureko. Fluffy and fragrant cream, crust phyllo light and crispy with rich syrup.

Con. Paleologo 3, tel.: 2310 273 933


The art of galaktoboureko has been finding its luxurious expression for 21 years in this pastry shop. Its steady clientele chooses it because it is always fresh and delicious with a buttery flavor and balanced sweetness.

El. 54 Venizelou Street, Thessaloniki, tel.: 2310 243 577

Hatzi's Dairy

Cream made from fine milk and fresh butter, crispy phyllo and thick and fragrant syrup. Hatzi's galakteboureko is delicious and very enjoyable. Be sure to try khanum burek with buffalo milk cream.

P. Mela 16, Thessaloniki, tel.: 2310 284620


It may be known mainly for its pies, but this particular pastry shop also makes a unique galakteboureko. Since 1938, the quality of the ingredients has remained a non-negotiable value, as has the authenticity of the recipe.

Antigonidon 7, tel.: 2310 522 114

galifianakis 2


Galaktoboureko Galifianakis has the recipe that reminds us of Greece, a brand that began in 1973 and continues until today, 33 years later, to enchant us.

The galaktoboureko Galifianakis – The first of Greece, managed to introduce a pure classic Greek dessert in the world of haute cuisine.

Efroniou 60, Athina 161 21, tel.: 21 0724 5706

Galaktoboureko Galifianakis

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