Greek military chief to Turkey: “We are ready to shut the mouths of those who threaten us - We will not give an inch”

The Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (GEETHA) Konstantinos Floros sent a stern message to all potential foes (specifically Turkey) in his daily order to the army on the occasion of the OXI Day celebrations on October 28.

Addressing the Greek Armed Forces, the leader of GEETHA emphasised, Proto Thema reported, that the “fire and blood” of the Generation of the ’40s must hit our veins faster and stronger than ever, especially today, when the threats and challenges abound, coming from another direction on the horizon this time”.

“This is the fate and eternal destiny of Greece, which is destined to survive and will survive. She will live and prosper dignified and free, in spite of all those who fight her throughout the ages,” added General Floros sending a message to the other side of the Aegean:

“Just like then she [Greece] delivered lessons of freedom and national dignity to the peoples of Europe and the whole world, so today, if necessary, Greece is ready with its powerful and ready Armed Forces to close once and for all those mouths that threaten, insult, and belittle her”.

Although, as he notes, “we will not follow anyone down the slippery and easy path of escalation and provocations. We will not be drawn into situations that are convenient for the pursuits of others.”

However, the GEETHA leader underlined that “we are here sleepless guardians of our righteous national interests full of self-confidence and knowledge. Confidence because we know we can and knowledge because we know how to do it if needed.

"Because we want peace and we are working intensively for stability in the region, we are not going to give away an inch, not a grain of Greek soil to anyone without a fight!

"Because they are us and so we will remain forever!

"Greeks! That says it all!!!”

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