Panagiotis Pavlos: Geopolitical fluidity in Greek-Turkish relations and its impact on the Eastern Mediterranean

Greece warns Turkey: De-escalation or sanctions geopolitical

Panagiotis Pavlos, Scientific Associate and Lecturer at the University of Oslo, in a comprehensive discussion on 98.4, spoke about the great geopolitical fluidity from the confrontation between the West and Russia and its direct effect on the Eastern Mediterranean.

He analysed Turkey's strategy to maneuver in this dipole, as necessary for both sides and how it attempts to exploit it in its own narratives, the whole setting. The researcher also talked about Turkey's claims, from the Evros to Cyprus, and what it seeks through Libya to the detriment of Greek interests.

Pavlos articulates his opinion that it is not important whether your allies take your stance on matters that serve their interests for granted, but how you convince them that their interests are best served if following the options that you indicate to them, as long as you have strategic depth.

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