Tsipras on Oxi Day: We're fighting for a free, safe and strong homeland

Alexis Tsipras SYRIZA

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras said on Friday in a message commemorating Oxi Day that at a time of war, instability, and threats, "we are fighting for a free homeland, a safe one, made strong by the power of its values and people," .

"We support peace, but we stand united before Turkish threats, and do not back down at all on our sovereign rights," he stressed.

The main opposition leader spoke of the courage of the Greek people facing fascism and Nazism, and of the national resistance that was followed by the leftist resistance organisations.

Today, Tsipras said, "We are fighting for a state that will protect the many and will not favor the few; a democracy open to progress and shut to pro-regime practices and suppression," a society that stands up against nazism, those who hurt the rule of law, and those who undermine democratic rights.

History has shown that liberty cannot be taken for granted, it is not whole without democracy and justice everywhere, and it demands constant vigilance, resistance, unity, and struggle, he added.

PASOK-KINAL's Androulakis

PASOK-KINAL leader Nikos Androulakis called unity and hard work during a time of geopolitical turbulence "to safeguard our national interests against every kind of revisionism, especially the provocations of the Turkish leadership.

"When some people cast doubt on international treaties, undermining the Southeast Mediterranean's stability, partners or NATO leaders cannot keep [a policy of] equal distances, and obviously no new agreements for armament programs," Androulakis said.

"The sacrifices of Greeks in 1940 should serve as a timeless guide to all of us to act with responsibility and dignity," he added.

KKE's Koutsoubas

Today the Greek people, as during WWII, "can add their own stamp on developments and say 'NO' to the imperialist war and the slaughter of peoples," Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Secretary General Dimitris Koutsoubas said in his message, issued on Thursday.

"They can say NO to Greece's involvement in it, NO to fascism and racism, NO to bartering over the country's sovereign rights. They can demand a life with dignity, saying NO to energy poverty and high prices," he added.

MeRA25's Varoufakis

Speaking of the historic day, MeRA25 leader Yannis Varoufakis said "a small population stood up to say a huge NO to the conqueror, a huge NO to fascism, without considering the cost, without having any guarantees for a military victory, risking everything with no guarantee whatsoever."

28th October, he said is honored by MeRA 25 in the name of democratic struggles, resistance, and people who are fighting all these decades so that fascism does not take root in Greece, Europe, and the world ever again.

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