Porsche is doing crazy sales in Greece


Of the car sports brands sold worldwide, Porsche is one of the largest and has some of the most fanatical fans. It is something that we see is true all over the world, even in Greece, which has a significantly large fleet of vehicles of the famous brand.

It is not just a coincidence that Porsche has had a percentage and in certain regions of our country... a sales party, as News Auto described it.

An important element in the success was played by the Cayenne, which changed the perception for the brand and the sports luxury SUV category. The Boxster also played its role, enabling even more people to own a new Porsche.


Of course no one can dispute the success of the classic 911 which, since the day of its launch decades ago, continues to sell with undiminished intensity.

New & Used

Sales are for both new and used cars, which we see in the registrations. For 2022 and from the beginning of the year until September, a total of 417 Porsches changed hands in Greece. Of these, 296 were used Porsches while the remaining 121 were new.

The number, especially for the new ones, would be even higher if it were not for the issue of delivery times, which in some cases exceed a year.


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