Konstantinos Argiros In An Emotional Moment at OAKA

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Konstantinos Argiros was moved on the OAKA stage in his concert with 50 Cent.

Konstantinos Argiros in an emotional moment, who couldn’t believe the moment he was living last night in concert with American rapper 50 Cent, as they rocked the Olympic (OAKA) stadium in Athens. 

After a one-day delay, Konstantinos Argiros and 50 Cent joined forces and rocked OAKA with their performances to a sold out audience. 

Crowds of people gathered early to enjoy the unique show, with many having returned on Sunday after a long weekend (trimero for Oxi Day), to make it back in time for the concert of the year. 

The concert was also attended by many Greek celebrities who had the opportunity to see 50 Cent and the Greek artist up close.

GNTM (Greece’s Next Top Model) mentor Mary Vitinaros, uploaded a photo with 50 Cent a day before the concert captioning the image: “Excited for tomorrow night 💥💥”.

Sakis Rouvas was in attendance supporting his friend and fellow judge on ‘The Voice’, sharing stories to his Instagram account.

Argiros during the night announced his new partnership and sponsor Coca-Cola Greece who he welcomed as his new family. The soda giant was a major sponsor of the evening, with free Coca-Cola mini drink cans handed to crowds upon entering and screens lit up on stage throughout the evening with the Coca-Cola brand. 

Greek City Times was there amongst the 40,000 people to experience a night like no other. An incredible night and job well done by all involved including Panik Records and Coca-Cola Greece, it was a moment in time we’ll never forget!