Sakis Rouvas at the Konstantinos Argiros - 50 Cent concert: "Proud of my friend"

Sakis Rouvas at Konstantinos Argiros and 50 Cent concert in Athens on October 30, 2022.

A crowd of people gathered at OAKA in Athens on Sunday to enjoy the concert of Konstantinos Argiros with 50 Cent. Among them was beloved singer Sakis Rouvas, who was also present to honour his good friend with his presence, with whom he is on the jury of "Voice".

In fact, Rouvas posted a series of stories on his personal Instagram account from the concert. In one of them, he seems to be... celebrating and swaying to the rhythm of the music.

"Proud of my friend," he captioned the video.

The end of the video shows Konstantinos Argiros on the stadium screen and his emotion when he realises how many people were there to see him up close.

Watch the video:

Argiros during the night announced his new partnership and sponsor Coca-Cola Greece who he welcomed as his new family.

The soda giant was a major sponsor of the evening, with free Coca-cola mini drink cans handed to crowds upon entering and screens lit up on stage throughout the evening with the Coca-Cola brand.

Greek City Times was there amongst the 40,000 people to experience a night like no other. An incredible night and job well done to all involved including Panik Records and Coca-Cola Greece, it was a moment in time we won’t forget!

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