GNTM 5: Four new contestants and the makeover transformations - SEE videos


The voluntary departures of Alexia and Nicole from Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM 5) shocked the judges, who decided to give a chance to four new girls to participate in the biggest Greek fashion competition.

Vicky Kaya, Yiorgos Karavas and Tasos Sofroniou looked again at all the photos and videos of the women who took part in the boot camp and ended up with four - very promising - women.

So, on Monday's episode (31/10), shortly before the start of this year's long-awaited makeover, Vicky Kaya announced to the 13 contestants that four new models are entering the house!

These are Rafaela, Georgianna, Dorella and Irini!

Upon entering the competition, the feelings of the models were mixed. Some were happy, while others, like Yeva and Victoria, were disappointed with this development.

Yeva even said that she has no personal disagreement with the new girls, but she considers it unfair that they became 17 again from 13 and that she cannot wait for them to... go!

The 13 contestants, as well as the four new girls who entered the fashion contest, were left in the hands of hair expert Tom Zois. The multi-experienced Tom Zois was asked to work his magic on the girls.

At the end of the makeover the girls had to get ready straight away for a photo shoot. The 17 contestants carefully listened to the instructions of the photographer and art director of GNTM, Panagiotis Katsou, so that they could prove to Vicky Kaya that they have the power to stand out with their new selves.

Just before the photo shoot, the models were given the opportunity to see their new look in the mirror for just 30 seconds. Some liked it a lot, while others didn't.

The girls' feelings were - like every year - mixed.

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