Jill Biden ate and had fun at a well-known Greek restaurant in Manhattan - Photos

Jill Biden greek restaurant manhattan

From Washington, the First Lady of the USA, Jill Biden, visited Manhattan for Greek food and entertainment. Staff and patrons of the famous Greek restaurant "Korali" on 3rd Avenue were pleasantly surprised on Saturday night as the wife of the American president chose to spend her evening there.

Many well-known and famous people choose this restaurant by Yannis Berbeis, including Meryl Streep and Calvin Klein, while Woody Allen visits at least once a week.


The First Lady of the United States was also there, who, as she explained to the company's general manager and well-known Greek photographer Giorgos Kalogeropoulos, had received recommendations from their mutual friend and wife of the 55th governor of New York, David Patterson, Mary.


As the Greek photographer reported to Proto Thema, Jill Biden was pleased with the Greek menu, but also with the environment that is strongly reminiscent of Greece.

"On Saturday, someone called the store and asked for me. He explained to me that a reservation has been made in the name of a doctor and that it is a special quest," the photographer said.

"He wanted to meet in person, he came to the store, saw the table we had reserved and there he revealed to me that the special quest was the First Lady. He even asked me that until she comes to the store, her visit should not be known, which we do anyway," Kalogeropoulos continued.

"The people who were outside five minutes earlier before the First Lady arrived, understood that some important person would visit us, as almost the entire street was closed with security," he added.


Jill Biden enjoyed the restaurant's Greek cuisine, while she was also pleased to meet George Kalogeropoulos, with whom she not only took a photo, but revealed to him that they also have mutual friends.

“She is an elegant, sweet and warm-hearted lady. We talked a lot, she asked me about my life, who I am and what I do. Then I went crazy when she told me that we have a mutual friend. She explained that the shop was recommended to her by Mary Patterson," he said.

"It's like making a new friend, you like her straight away, she happily accepted and took a photo with me, she's great. We had an amazing time, she was friendly and comfortable with everyone in the shop. She liked the warm environment and participated in it all," the manager stressed.

"There might have been 10 to 15 security guards in the store, but at a distance from her, but you didn't care because she was comfortable," Kalogeropoulos said.

George Kalogeropoulos also accepted an official offer to visit the White House.

"There was also a friend of hers in the group who knew a little Greek, but the first lady also showed enthusiasm for our country. Her office manager even gave me her card to go to the White House whenever I want. I'm sure I'll go, I'm planning it for next Sunday," he said.

"The famous and the rich here are sold on Greek food and that's why they often visit these shops. Especially where there is good Greek food, they go with their eyes closed and recommend it to others," concluded Kalogeropoulos.

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