Thessaloniki: Turkish man arrested for orchestrating telephone scams in Germany


Police in Thessaloniki arrested a Turkish citizen after executing a European warrant issued by the German judicial authorities. German authorities accuse the Turk of involvement in telephone fraud.

He is a 22-year-old man, who has already been taken to the Appeals Prosecutor's Office of Thessaloniki to initiate his extradition request to Germany.

According to the prosecution documents, his unknown accomplices called unsuspecting German citizens pretending to be the police and allegedly claimed that they were at risk of falling prey to burglars.

In order to receive police protection, they would have to hand over money, valuables and jewellery that they might have for safekeeping.

The German authorities implicate him in two cases of fraud, one attempted and one completed, the second with a loss of 24,000 euros. As it became known, the arrested man allegedly coordinated the callers and a woman who had the role of "collector".

The Turk, who denies the charges and remains in custody pending a German extradition request, appears to have been in Greece recently, seeking asylum.

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