Crete: A 10-day-old seal was rescued in Kouremenos - Watch video

seal Crete

An unexpected surprise awaited those who were on the beach of Kouremenos in Lasithi, Crete, on Monday as a sweet baby seal was found alone at the spot.

The people who spotted the mammal immediately called the Port Service where they collected it and transferred it to a special cage, Nea Kriti reported. The Coast Guard rushed to a pharmacy to appropriately hydrate the little mammal following the suggestion of a pharmacist.

Subsequently, the Port Authorities contacted the Society for the Study and Protection of the Mediterranean Seal to get information on how to manage the incident.

The first estimates state that the animal is around ten kilograms and does not appear to be injured.

The mammal reached the shore to find help as it either lost its mother or was chased away by her.

Young seals stay with their mothers for four months in order to survive.

The Coast Guard, in coordination with organisation, decided to transfer the animal to Athens by liner so that it could receive appropriate treatment.

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