The Limnos vs Kemal Reis aftermath still haunts the Turks: "Look at the T-shirts the Greeks wore"

kemal reis lemnos limnos frigate t-shirt

The account belonging to Turkish Blue Homeland theorist Cihat Yaycı uploaded a photo on Twitter, stating the following: "Look at the T-shirt the Greeks wear. Also pay attention to the coordinates mentioned on the shirt".

How it all started

The Greek frigate Limnos watched the Turkish Oruç Reis research vessel from a safe distance in August 2020, Directus explained.

The Kemal Reis frigate, one of the Turkish warships accompanying the research vessel, was close to the Greek frigate, believing that the Greek warship was planning to obstruct Oruç Reis' passage.

The Limnos commander, vice-captain Ioannis Saliaris, followed a steady course and shadowed the Turkish research vessel without changing direction.  However, the Turkish frigate Kemal Reis continued to approach the Greek warship.

When it was about 450 yards from the Greek warship, the commander of the Turkish frigate who had Limnos on his starboard side - so according to the rules of international navigation he had to give priority to the Greek frigate - changed course.

The experienced captain of Limnos realised the intentions of the Turks. He held the engines, resulting in the Kemal Reis to pass in front of the Limnos without colliding as it had intended. And at that moment, Limnos went forward, hitting the Turks on their stern.

A careful look at the photo shows that something is hanging from where the Kemal Reis was hit by the Greek warship. According to reliable information sources, the thing seen hanging is a bundle of cables which means that the bow of the Limnos entered 2.5 to 3 metres inside the Kemal Reis.

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