Illegal Pakistani Immigrants Confess: "Turkish soldiers took us to the Greek border"


New testimonies in Pakistani media proving that Turkey is facilitating the illegal entry of migrants into Greece have been unveiled by Directus.

Pakistani media based in Greece interviewed their compatriots in Greece. who admitted themselves that they entered the country illegally through Turkey. In fact, one of them entered Greece as recently as a month ago.

His arrest took place in Evros, which proves that the "siege", as Directus referred to it as, continues in the area. In fact, the interviewee admits that Turkish soldiers make it easier for them to enter Greece.

At the same time, reasonable questions are also raised by the answers of the Pakistanis regarding their age, as they state that they are 12, 17 and 19 years old!

In their interview, they even mention that they are waiting to get out of the migrant camps so they can find a job!

See the images:

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