Reuters on new Piraeus metro: "Travel through history - Ancient Greek mosaic adorns new station"

Piraeus metro stations reuters

A Reuters article describes the impressive new metro stations in Piraeus: “In a domed passageway outside Athens, crowds study display panels and look down through glass beneath their feet at a mosaic floor from a 4th century BC house surrounded by ceramics and other domestic objects."

As the article highlights, this new station connects the port with the country's airport. There, visitors will find a mini-exhibition, which includes the originals as well as replicas of a water supply system of the ancient city of Piraeus, with wells and cisterns found in the excavations.

For this result, the Attiko Metro company collaborated very closely with archaeologists, as during the excavation research, the largest ever carried out in the city of Piraeus, structures related to ancient water systems, characteristic of the ancient city of Piraeus, were revealed.

The article published the statements of archaeologist Stella Chrysoulakis, who stressed that passengers will have a small taste of an everyday moment of ancient Piraeus life.

The issue of the construction of the metro in Greece is a sensitive issue, due to the fact that there is and is hidden so much history below the ground . The article recalls that the first lines were inaugurated in 2000.

Evangelos Kolovos, Project Manager Line III at Attiko Metro, also spoke to Reuters and underlined that the Piraeus metro stations proved that history and modernity can coexist.

His team had to adapt and take into account the needs and requests of the archaeological team, without any delays and without exceeding the budget of 730 million euros. The excavations lasted 10 years and covered an area of ​​7,500 square metres. The tunnel was extended by 7.6 kilometres.

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