Cihat Yaycı: "Greece has lost sovereignty rights over the Aegean islands"

Cihat Yaycı greece

The false belief that the militarisation of the Aegean islands "rescinds" the transfer of their sovereignty to Greece is defiantly supported by the nationalist influencer Cihat Yaycı, retired admiral and "theoretician" of the "Blue Homeland".

Speaking to the Turkish news agency Anadolu, the former chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Naval Forces, and head of the Center for Naval and Strategic Studies of the private Bahçeşehir University, said that Greece should maintain only small forces on the islands, where the soldiers should only carry a gun or a sword, in order to maintain security and not violate their "disarmament" status, as he said.

"The conditions allow Greece to keep every soldier on the islands a sword or a rifle. If this force exceeds 100 men, it may be given a machine gun. In addition to this, the small military unit and weapons cannot be moved. No ship can visit the port. Military aircraft cannot fly over the islands. This matter is very important and very clear," said Yaycı, referring also to the Greek occupation of Anatolia in the period 1919-1922, saying that Turkey "should not experience such a danger again" from our country.

"The founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, emphasised in the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923. The Turkish nation and the Republic of Turkey must not suffer the same invasion again," declared the former Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Naval Forces, interpreting the international treaties according to Ankara's aspirations in the Aegean.

"Since these islands are ceded, through our hands, it will be stipulated as a condition that these islands should be in a demilitarised state so that the Republic of Turkey does not face such a threat and danger again.

"What Greece is doing today is not only violating the provisions of the treaty, but also degrading the status of the islands whose sovereignty has been transferred on the condition that they remain in a demilitarised status.

"In other words, the arming and militarisation of these islands violates the condition of the transfer of their sovereignty."

The originator of the "Blue Homeland" theory, which is now an official doctrine of Turkish foreign policy, accused Greece of "illegalising" by militarising the islands."

"Greece is a perpetually expansionist, expansionist and revisionist state that does not recognise law, agreement and providence. And six times it grew by taking land from the Turks. They took us to the negotiating table without winning or going to war," he stated in the same defiant tone.

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