Greek economy set to double in growth after revised outlook

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The Greek economy is set to double in growth after the Bank of Greece (BoG) revised its growth outlook to 6 percent for 2022 because of the high returns from tourism, BoG governor Yannis Stournaras said on Friday in an interview.

17694238 902
BoG governor Yannis Stournaras

Speaking to Politico, Stournaras said initial forecasts by BoG were a 3.2 percent growth for 2022. He also said the economic prospects for Greece were solid, and asserted even if the Eurozone experienced a recession, the same would not happen to Greece.

In the interview, the head of Greece's central bank also called for more action on energy price hikes from authorities besides the European Central Bank, as monetary policy would not be adequate to address the problem. He said that fiscal and energy policies should be implemented by the European Union as long as Russian natural gas imports remain uncertain.