Jennifer Aniston will file a lawsuit against Brad Pitt - She is asking for... $100 million!

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston

After Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston is also preparing to file a lawsuit against Brad Pitt. This time, the cause is not marital differences, since they were resolved many  years ago. Rather, Brad Pitt's ex-wife is preparing to file a lawsuit against him for "financial outstanding's".

As reported by Spain's Marca, Jennifer Aniston intends to ask the actor for $100 million dollars! The reason is none other than the production company "Plan B", which they had founded together, in the years when they were still a couple.

The production company did actually pass into the hands of Pitt when the couple ended their relationship but Aniston believes that she never got credit for helping to found the company. The demand is thought to be about principle just as much as it is about money.

"This is not just about money. As far as Jen is concerned, what is just as important is the principle. The thing is, she was a co-creator and founder of Plan B, and while it technically went to Brad, she hasn't gotten the credit she deserved for building it from the ground up," a source close to the actress told 'Heat World'.

The company's successes include films such as The Departed, 12 Years A Slave and Moonlight, all of which won Oscars for Best Picture. They were also part of blockbusters such as Troy and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The same source added and noted that "Jen expects at least recognition and involvement in the event that Brad's sale goes through, plus the option to work with whoever takes it over".

"If Brad wants to do right by Jen, he'll reach into his pocket and hand her a check for 100 million dollars, which would be a drop in the ocean if the sale goes through," the source added.

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