MRB poll: Nearly half of Greeks worried about military confrontation with Turkey

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The second half of the MRB poll was presented on Friday by the OPEN TV station and found that nearly half of Greeks fear a military confrontation with Turkey.

In particular, according to the findings of the poll, 47.2% are concerned about a possible conflict with Turkey, while 49.3% have the opposite opinion.

One in two supporters of the opposition SYRIZA party consider conflict with Turkey as unlikely or somewhat likely, while 51.3% of ruling party New Democracy supporters considered conflict a possibility.

In the question of what will happen in case of war with Turkey, 48% believe that "we will be alone", while 27.1% believe that France will help our country. 19.8% believe that there will be military aid from the entire EU and 17.4% from the USA. Support from Israel and Egypt had lower percentages.

Regarding New Democracy, 2.5% of SYRIZA voters seem to be moving to the ruling party, while from PASOK it reaches 6.2%.

In SYRIZA, the percentage of New Democracy voters who seem to be moving to their side amounts to 1.8%, to 6.1% from PASOK, while 7.2% will go to another party and 15% of the votes remain unclear.

When asked what they would prefer if an autonomous government does not emerge, 54.2% want a two-party government, while 38.4% want repeat elections.

69.3% of SYRIZA are in favour of a two-party government and 54.2% of New Democracy prefer repeat elections.

Regarding the alliance scenario in a new government, the largest percentage gathers the scenario of New Democracy and PASOK ruling together (17.6%), followed by the combination of a universal government (17.1%).

In the cooperation scenario that voters would prefer, the ND-PASOK combination prevails with 32.4%. Also, in the dilemma ND or SYRIZA win by even one vote, 34.1% say ND and 27.9% SYRIZA.

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