Turkish analyst: "Let's give good news to Greece, in 2050 they will live under our flag"


The BEYAZ TV channel does not even hide its imperialist intentions as it predicts that Greece will be ruled under the Turkish flag by 2050.

Here are the opinions heard in the video, uncovered by Tourkika Nea:

Commentator 1: The Dodecanese are the easternmost [islands] and there are claims that they belong to us. Kos is very close to us, and there, right in front of our noses, the so-called Pontians, who gathered, met and inaugurated a monument to the [Genocide of] Greek Pontians."

Commentator 2: ¨In this case there is something that our Mr. President said to Biden off the record
We know that behind closed doors his statement was discussed that 'If you don't give us our 200 F-35s, if necessary we will withdraw from NATO and we will hit Alexandroupolis'.

"Let's give some good news to Greece," the second commentator continued. "With the process starting in 2025, in 2050 they will live under the Turkish flag. Come on!"

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