Extreme weather warning issued in Athens and its surrounds

extreme weather eva

The extreme weather storm, dubbed Eva, will smash the Greek capital and its surrounds with storms and even hail. The state is on standby, with Civil Protection sending a 112 message, warning people to avoid movement from Saturday night to Sunday afternoon.

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The message mentions dangerous weather phenomena while emphasising people to avoid unnecessary travel.

A severe weather system named "EVA" is creating a barometric low in northern Italy on Friday, which will move southeast and cause the worsening of the weather in Greece, according to the Emergency Forecast of Dangerous Weather Phenomena issued by the National Meteorological Service (EMY ).

From Saturday morning (05-11-2022) until Sunday evening (06-11-2022), dangerous weather phenomena will occur in certain places, the main characteristics of which will be high levels of rain, locally high wind velocities and high frequency of lightning.

Citizens can be updated daily on the development of extraordinary weather phenomena in the regular weather reports of EMY and on the website of EMY at the online address www.emy.gr.

The government offered recommendations to the citizens to be particularly careful.

Retail stores will not open in Greece on Sunday, despite otherwise announced earlier this week, due to the imminent onset of the intense weather front named 'EVA', the Association of Retail Sales Businesses of Greece (SELPE) said on Saturday.

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