The Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine will import gas from Greece

natural gas pipeline greece

The Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine will be able to import gas from the Revithoussa terminal in Greece.

The terminal is increasing its capacity to export quantities of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to cover part of the needs of other countries in South-Eastern Europe in this regard, writes G4Media, referring to the Greek press, quoted by Radio Moldova.

According to the executive director of the Greek gas operator DESFA, Maria Rita Gkali, since the beginning of the energy crisis and the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the export capacity of the Revythousa station has been significantly strengthened, and the amount of liquefied gas stored on ships near the port covers the energy needs not only of Greece, but also of Bulgaria.

The official also said that through Bulgaria, Greece will have the opportunity to export the amount of liquefied gas to cover part of the amount of gas needed by other countries in Southeast Europe, such as Romania, Moldova and even Ukraine.We remind you that, at the end of October, a natural gas contract between Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova was signed in Chisinau during the visit of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev.

After signing the document, President Maia Sandu mentioned that access to alternative energy sources will strengthen energy independence and help us be more resilient in the current crisis.