Ambassador Tsunis clarifies how the US will react if Turkey attacks Greece

Ambassador George J. Tsunis

The American ambassador to Greece, George Tsunis, spoke about his Greek roots and his family's moving story, the first difficult years in America, studies, business and recognition. He also talked about his relationship with US President Joe Biden and his involvement in politics.

Speaking to ANT1, he spoke extensively about the crisis in Greek-Turkish relations, but also about his concerns about the Russia-Ukraine war.

"The primary principle is that Greece and Turkey should discuss and resolve their differences diplomatically and in accordance with International Law. There is no other choice. A lot is at stake. Both of you are very respected allies and very important members of NATO," the ambassador said.

"But these matters are extremely serious and important. I understand the rhetoric. No one considers it constructive. The only thing that will work is to discuss and resolve the differences diplomatically and according to International Law," Tsunis continued.

"We are constantly relaying to Greece and Turkey to do just that, because I know that both Greece and Turkey are seeking peace. There are differences in many relationships. But peace is the primary principle in this case and can only be achieved diplomatically," he said.

The ambassador described Washington's policy as "extremely consistent" and stressed that hostile rhetoric "is neither constructive nor productive."

"We strongly believe that both of our NATO allies should resolve their differences through diplomacy. This is the right way and will continue to be the right way," he said.

"Here in Athens, my concern is to ensure the relationship between the US and Greece , so that it is as strong and productive as possible," emphasised Tsunis.

In response to the question of whether Greece will be alone if it faces an attack, the ambassador replied: "The Greek army is capable of protecting the homeland. But as the US ambassador, the US will work tirelessly for peace.

"We will continue to urge both of our NATO allies to choose diplomatic channels to resolve their differences. These differences are not unique and can be resolved. I hope that in the near future, the existing differences between Greece and Turkey will be settled through diplomatic channels," he said.

“President Biden has done an excellent job of bringing Europe together... to stand up to what Russia is doing and at the same time contain the problem. This took a lot of skill. It took great diplomatic skill to pull this off.

"We are very careful not to allow it to develop into a possible world war. So far it has been limited. The President has received universal praise for these efforts.

"I would like to point out that if Mr. Putin sought to weaken NATO, he succeeded in the opposite. If he wanted fewer NATO troops on his borders, he has more. If he wanted to weaken transatlantic relations, he succeeded in the opposite.

"If he thought he would invade Ukraine and occupy it in five days, he was wrong. Ukraine will prevail. There has never been an example in history where the true and the righteous were defeated by evil.

"Ukrainians will return to a united Ukraine, ruled by Ukrainians. And this will be recorded in history as a huge mistake of his Putin."

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