Athens Bar Association to punish Nazi-salute lawyer


The Athens Bar Association (ABA) is reportedly preparing disciplinary action against Konstantinos Plevris, the lawyer representing a former member of neo-Nazi criminal organization Golden Dawn, for giving a Nazi salute in front of judges at an appeal hearing.

“The Nazi salute is absolutely incompatible with the principles, the values, the legacy, and the professional ethics of the body of lawyers,” the Athens Bar Association had stated in an earlier statement. “The ABA has long reprimanded such behaviors, that insult the millions of victims of Nazi violence, and awaken disturbing memories from the darkest pages of human history. They are inconsistent with the legal ethic and are opposed to constitutional democratic order.”

The case will be assigned to one of the disciplinary committees of the ABA that will invite Plevris to make a statement, before it decides whether he will face disciplinary charges.