WESTERN GREECE: Chinese space rocket debris set off alarms in Patras and Ioannina

space junk threat china

The entry of space junk, weighing 23 tons and the size of a 10-story building, sounded the alarm in Western Greece, and was certainly not just a science fiction scenario.

Specifically, according to a report by Peloponissos, where a document was published, it appears that the Ministry of Civil Protection has been requested to put the hospitals of the 6th Ministry of Health, as well as ambulance centres in Patras and Ioannina, on alert - immediately.

And to be more precise, in the crash danger zone were the regions of Western Greece, the Ionian Islands and the northern Peloponnese.

And yet, it is not a science fiction scenario, since an irrefutable witness of the "space threat" is the document published.

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With the marking "immediate", the document of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection dated 4/11/2002 by order of the Civil Protection, was sent on Friday to all the involved bodies, including the competent directorate of the Region of Western Greece.

"Due to the small possibility of falling parts of a space rocket, we inform you that a Chinese space rocket is expected to enter the earth's atmosphere uncontrollably in the next few hours and its fragments may fall in the areas of N. Peloponnese, Ionian and Western Greece," a part of the document said.

The debris in question belonged to China's Long March 5B rocket, which reached Earth orbit on October 31 after the third and final launch of a module for China's Tiangong space station.

As with previous launches of the same heavy-lift rocket, China's space agency did not conduct a controlled descent of the remaining portion of the rocket after it released its payload.

It is recalled that the Spanish authorities closed the airspace over Catalonia and three other regions for about an hour on Friday morning.

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