Greek shipowners place 234 orders for shipbuilding

Greek Ship Owners Greek shipowners

Analysts from Xclusiv Shipbrokers said that Greek shipowners placed 234 orders for shipbuilding, New Money reported.

“Greece-controlled orders are evenly distributed across the divisions, with the 234 orders almost equally split between bulkers, tankers, containers and gas carriers, with 21% of orders placed in bulkers, 26% in tankers, 29% in containers and the remaining 24%, in gas carriers," said the analysts.

More specifically, analysing the order book:

– For bulkers, Greek shipowners have placed 48 orders (about 5%), while 826 orders have been placed by shipowners of different nationalities. Only 18 of these 48 orders were placed in 2022, while the rest were placed in 2019-2020.

Greek shipowners placing dry type orders show a preference for Kamsarmaxes, which make up 53% of total Greek bulker orders, with Handymax/Supramax/Ultramaxes in second place at 35%, the smallest Handysize bulker sizes at 8% and Capes make up just 4% of Greek orders.

– Analysing the tanker order book, Greek orders amount to 19%. Greek shipowners have placed 62 orders, while 257 orders come from other nationalities. 15 of the 62 orders are placed in 2022, 39 were placed in 2021 and the remaining 8 in 2020.

The Greeks show a preference for Aframax/LR2 vessel sizes, as 55% of their orders are for this tanker type/size, while the MR2 orders follow with 26% of all Greek orders. VLCCs make up around 13% of Greek orders, with Suezmax and MR1 at 5% and 2% respectively of Greek orders.

– In the container order book, Greek orders make up about 8% of the total, which translates to 69 ships and the remaining 92% are orders from other nationalities.

Almost half of the 66 Greek orders were placed within 2022 (34), while 32 of the 69 were placed within 2020 and only 3 orders are active from 2019 onwards.

The feeder size represents 55% of all Greek orders, while VLCV is the second preferred container size in orders with 19% followed by handy, with 14% of Greek orders and Panamax, 12% of Greek orders.

- In the natural gas order book, there are 55 orders from Greek shipowners and 383 orders from others. 13% of the natural gas carrier order book is under Greek control, with 14 orders placed within 2022, 36 orders placed within 2021 and the remaining 5 orders active from 2019-2020.

62% of the Greek orders are LNG Carriers with a capacity of 101k-200k CBM, 22% of the Greek orders are medium sized LPG Carriers (MGC) with a capacity of around 40k CBM and the remaining 16% are very large LPG Carriers (VLGC) with a capacity of 80k-95k CBM.

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