US midterm elections: Gus Bilirakis and John Sarbanes are re-elected

US midterm elections: Gus Bilirakis and John Sarbanes are re-elected

Four out of five Greek-American candidates in the US midterm elections were voted to re-enter the House of Representatives. Chris Pappas, Nicole Malliotakis, Gus Bilirakis and John Sarbanes will continue to be members of the House of Representatives.

In Florida's 12th District, Gus Bilirakis prevailed by a significant margin over Democrat Kimberly Walker as in 97% of the precincts, Bilirakis collected over 70% of the vote.

In the 3rd District of Maryland, maintaining a margin of more than 10 percentage points for the longest period of counting, John Sarbanes was re-elected for another year Congress, defeating Yuripzy Morgan.

At the same time, Greece gains another ally in Congress, who is expected to become a member of the Hellenic Council.

The reason is because of Robert Menendez Jr., the son of the Philhellenic head of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Robert Menendez, who, in the 8th District of New Jersey, was declared the winner against the Republican Marcos Arroyo.

On the contrary, all possibilities remain open regarding the long-time Congresswoman of the 1st District, Dina Titus, who at 63% of the vote was ahead of her Republican opponent, Mark Robertson, but the counting continues.

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