Maria Solomou: I was with 3-4 men at the same time when I was younger

Maria Solomou

Maria Solomou was on the Fipster YouTube channel and discussed unknown aspects of her personal life, including her past relationships.

The actress spoke about her partner, trapper Mente Fuerte, saying: “I met him and liked him, so we have a personal relationship as well. Mente Fuerte has written a lot of songs that I like and he is sexy and erotic."

When asked about what her life was like ten years ago, Maria Solomou admitted: "I was very stressed in 2012. I was working full time, I woke up every day and cried, it lasted about two years, I didn't know what I wanted exactly."

"I wasn't too happy personally, I really wanted to disappear, my son was still young and I had a lot of work at the time. I constantly felt remorse, I didn't feel well," she said.

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Her personal life:

The actress then spoke about the relationship she maintains with male actors, while also commenting on the statement about infidelity: "I said many years ago that I have cuckolded all my relationships."

"But the reason I said that was because I have been told many times that I have been cuckolded first and everyone has cuckolded me. I never look for cell phones, I make superhuman efforts not to look at my partner's cell phones," she continued.

"At a younger age I flirted a lot. Around 20-25 I had 3-4 men at the same time. Growing up in periods… it gets me again. I think that we always act differently in life," added Solomou about her past.

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