Rose phyllo dessert recipe

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Greece’s famous desserts are Galaktoboureko and Baklava, whose main ingredients are phyllo, custard, walnuts, honey and cinnamon.

This rose phyllo dessert combines these delicious flavours together, which features crispy phyllo filled with creamy custard and topped with chopped walnuts, honey and cinnamon.


Firstly, you bake the phyllo to make it crunchy, then pour over the custard and allow it to set. Finally, you drizzle generous amounts of honey and walnuts.

The end result is nothing short of absolute deliciousness and tastes incredible when served warm!

Ingredients →

- 20 x sheets of phyllo pastry

- 100 x grams butter

- 1 x cup sugar

- 3 & 1/4 x cups milk

- 6 x eggs

- 2 x tablespoons cornflour

- 2 x teaspoons vanilla sugar

- honey, for drizzling

- chopped walnuts for garnishing

- cinnamon for sprinkling

Method →

- Melt butter in a small saucepan.

- Grease and line a 40cm round baking tin with baking paper.

- Using one sheet of phyllo pastry at a time, lightly brush with melted butter and bunch it up into a rose shape. They should be about 6cm high.

- Gently place into baking dish and continue the process till all phyllo sheets are rolled into rose shapes and placed in the baking tin.

- Drizzle the remaining butter on top of all phyllo roses and sprinkle with cinnamon. Place in 180 degrees (preheated oven) and bake for 25 minutes.

- In the meantime, to make the custard add eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar in a bowl and whisk well. Heat 3 x cups milk in a small saucepan, slowly pour into the egg mixture and whisk again for a few minutes.

- In a small bowl, add your cornflour and 1/4 x cup of cold milk. Stir until it becomes a soft paste-like texture.

- Add cornflour into the cream mixture and mix.

- Remove the baking tin from the oven and slowly pour the custard mixture over the entire tin. Make sure it goes in between the roses and on top of them.

- Place back in the oven and bake for another 35 minutes or till custard is set.

- Allow cooling for a few minutes. Drizzle with honey, garnish with walnuts and sprinkle lightly with cinnamon.

*Recipe from flavours and flair

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